Saturday, October 13, 2007

Arab ‘Prince of Poets’ Crowned in UAE

Millions of Arabs witnessed the crowning of the “Prince of Poets” in the largest cultural competition in the world for choosing the best poet in classical Arabic [...].

The contest is considered a milestone in helping revive classical Arabic poetry. For Arabs, poetry is considered the ultimate art form that has the capability of producing profound emotions in its listeners. As a result Arabs have called poetry “the lawful magic” (“sihr halal”). Classical Arabic poetry dates back to pre-Islamic eras.

Emirati poet Karim Maato took first place with a reward of Dhs1 million. Mohammed Wald Al-Talib from Mauritania took the second spot winning Dhs500,000. Saudi Jassim Al-Sahih came in as second runner up, bagging Dhs300,000. Sudanese poet Rawdha Al Haj, the only woman to reach the finals, took fourth place and walked away with Dhs200,000. The fifth-place winner was Palestinian Tamim Al-Bargouthi; he won Dhs100,000. [...]

Source: Arab News (Saudi Arabia), September 9, 2007, by Shadiah Abdullah