Sunday, October 14, 2007

Christian conversions in the colonial Algeria

Christians of Kabyle, 1873-1954 (2004, Chrétiens de Kabylie, 1873-1954)

Author: Karima Direche-Slimani
Publishing House: Bouchène (Algeria,

About the Book: Conversions to Christianity, in colonial Algeria, are a little known phenomenon that didn’t receive much attention by scholars of social sciences. Muslims converting themselves to Christianity in the framework of French colonization have rather made the object of excessive representations linked to the idea of treason and infamy.

Kabyle has been the region where a policy of evangelization has been experimented and that begun around 1870, on the initiative of Charles de Lavigerie, archbishop of Algiers from 1867. Convinced of the existence of old Christian roots in Berber society, he conducted missionary activities in mountainous Kabyle that he deemed like the African Lebanon.

Number of page: 144 pages
Format: 16x24 cm
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