Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A book on Identity, political Islam and democracy

The Crisis of Islamic Culture (2005, La crise de la culture Islamique)

Author: Hichem Djaït
Publishing House: Cérès (Tunisia,

About the Book: An analysis on crucial questions such as identity, modernity, nationalism, political Islam, Islamic movements, the holy, the profane and democracy.

Hichem Djaït examines without indulgence the efforts deployed, in the last century and a half, by intellectuals and leaders of the Islamic world in order to adapt themselves and their societies to the “unbelievable novelties of modernity”. The author strongly points out that “Arabs and Muslims will not be able to enter into modernity and participate to the modern world unless they give themselves great goals in the fields of thought, knowledge, science, art and literature and borrow from the others what modernity has created in all these domains".

Language: French
Number of pages: 220 pages
Format: 14,5 x 21 cm
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