Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Breathtaking Novel with a jasmine scent from Tunisia

Brasilia Café (2006)

Author: Ahmed Mahfoudh
Publishing House: Cérès (Tunisia,

About the Book: A breathtaking novel about Tunis in the ‘70s. Loves, friendships, revolutions and dreams. Brasilia café, located inside the Palmarium, place devoted to arts and intellects, is the beating heart of the city, the point towards which desires and illusions, present and past, students and actors converge.

From Bourguiba Avenue to rue Bach Hamba, from the Municipal Theatre to the new suburbs, from Salammbô to Borj Erroumi, destinies overlap or break out, locked away by obsession or jalousie, always in pursuit of the swift passage of time. Under a reddish sky, the air filled with dust and jasmine scent, laughter and psalmodies, first sexual experiences and turnaround of situation, a murder takes place.

Brasilia café, is a story of rare qualities, that describes, with an free and catchy overtones, all the complexity and hopes of life.

Language: French
Number of pages: 146 pages
Fortmat: 13,5x21cm
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