Thursday, November 8, 2007

Algeria Bans Oppositionist's Book At Annual Book Fair

All copies of the new book by journalist Mohamed Benchicou, The Jails of Algiers, were confiscated, and the publisher's booth shut down, at the opening of the annual Algiers book fair.
Cartoon: " Astonishment at the Book Fair in Algiers"
Man: " What? The stand of Benchicou is closed?"
Cartoon by Dilem, published in the Algerian daily Liberté

The book deals, inter alia, with the two years its author spent in prison. Benchicou was tried for bringing foreign currency into the country, but the trial, which was harshly criticized by human rights organizations, was held after he criticized Algerian Interior Minister Yazid Zerhouni and published a book on the Algerian president titled Bouteflika: An Algerian Imposter.

The book fair organizers said that his new book was banned for display because the required permit had not been obtained.

Source:, November 3 and 5, 2007