Sunday, November 11, 2007

First Sana’a International Women and Children Book Fair

The first Sana’a International Women and Children Book Fair is a new fair organized by the General Authority for Books, coming in December.

Various local and Arab publishing houses will participate. The GAB recently finished Sana’a’s 24th International Book Fair last week. The success of the fair and its record attendance was the reason for organizing a special exhibition for women and children, according to the GAB. The volume of sales achieved by the 24th International Book Fair is estimated to be nearly YR 1 billion – an increase of 800 million compared to the previous year. There were one million visitors in attendance over the 12 days, with the participation of more than 270 local and foreign publishing houses.

The establishment of a Yemeni Publishers Union was also officially announced. The fair accompanied a number of events organized by the GAB. There were book signings for titles such as Al-Qaeda: Establishment and Intellectual background, Yemen as a model, both by Saeed Ubaid al-Jumjumi and Yemen and the Privacy of Governance, Democracy and Unity by Dr. Abdul-Wahab al-Rawhani.

There was also a signing for a book on Yemeni music and the complete works of Abdullah Abdul-Wahab No’man, known as al-Fadool. The new Sana’a International Women and Children Book Fair will be an annual event to provide books for children and expand their base of knowledge.

Source: Yemen Observer (yemen), November 10, 2007