Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bin Laden’s book tops the charts at Algiers International Book fair

"'Unveiled Bin Laden' has gone number one in best – selling book list at Algiers International Book fair, according to the 'World Book Company' spokesman, though banned in previous publications.

"The book written by Al Jazeera’s TV presenter, Ahmed Zeidane, is an exhaustive compilation of some of the most prominent world figures who expressed their views on the personality of the most wanted person on earth. The writer confronted in the 215- page- book the opposing positions of both Bin Laden’s fans and opponents.

"The writer starts its 'journey' in Bin Laden’s quest with the first encounter between the man and Abu Othman in 2000 where it was agreed upon the idea of visiting Afghanistan. The first 'Fatwa' for an embargo on US goods was launched at that moment in Bin Laden’s house.

"One of the most striking passage in the book is the one in which the writer describes his meeting with Al Qaeeda’s leader along with London’s 'Al Hayat' reporter on the occasion of his son’s wedding. During this whole day encounter Bin laden talked about the strategy of his movement as well as the best means to spread his ideology worldwide".

Source: Echorouk (Algeria), November 5, 2007