Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sales of Used Books Thrive in Riyadh

"Although the culture of used books is new to the Kingdom, many secondhand bookstores are thriving in the capital city. [...]

"Secondhand bookstores contain a large variety of books on many subjects, including religion, medicine, engineering, administration, computer science, history and psychology among many other topics. [...]

"According to a Sudanese man working at one of these shops, the idea to sell secondhand books came from university students advertising used books inside university halls or housing compounds. [...]

"Arab News observed that some rare books, even in Urdu, are on sale in these stores. Books on science and history are found in huge numbers.

"Some secondhand shops register book details on their computer database for the convenience of customers. Book lovers from everywhere — men and women, Saudis and non-Saudis — find these shops to be an enjoyable experience."

Source: Arab News (Saudi Arabia), November 8, 2007